Football and Volleyball Fans!

We've got a mess of Volleyball images coming up... they'll be in our Galleries section shortly.
(Feel free to hang out and watch our 29k days film, claim your Wall Drug free cup of coffee - if you get it, you get it - and even think of a way to work the word "Numpty" into a sentence about our photographer.  :)


Here at iNk, our mantra has always been:  If your job is fun, keep at it.
We've worked hard over twenty years to keep shooting the things that make us happy, and we hope that it shows.  Sports, seniors, commercial, aerial, weddings, heck... just about everything.

You guys are what makes it awesome... thank you for being you.

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Also, we're going to be doing a portrait trip to Scotland this year when the snow is blowing down from the highlands - if you want to go, give us a yell and we'll get you booked for the portrait session of a lifetime.

Watch below to see if we fit your style.

(We recommend full screen and sound up!)

about us

Welcome to our little world.

(There are a couple of things that you should know about us...)

We love what we do.

We want you to love it, too.

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photography investment

here at iNk, we like to keep things simple

• session time is $100 per hour •
• session fees are required at the time of booking •
• sessions of three hours or more may be split into two •
• the average customer order for iNk Senior Portraits is $2300 •
• we don't force you into 'minimum orders' - we believe that you should invest in what you truly love •
• after your session, we'll choose the very best images of the lot and remaster them with iNky love •
• you may order online or we can schedule a time to meet to create your order •

cinematography investment

Cinematography is, by it's very nature, a creative and customized undertaking,
and we handle our cinematic artwork in just the same way as our still photography:
We create each bit of imagery specifically for you.

Cinema truly has no limits, so feel free to call us about your custom project, no matter what it may be:
From your gorgeous wedding day to a wide variety of commercial applications,
we'll create something stunning for you at a price that 
remains affordable.

Here at iNk we have a wide variety of 4K cinematic tools at our disposal,
from aerial UAV units (drones) to steady-cam technology - 
all of it ready to travel anywhere in the world.
(That's Iceland featured above... we'll go anywhere.)


find us

Located in Nebraska, shooting all over the earth...


Troy Brodsky

Thank you! We'll get back to you as soon as we are able!

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