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Heartland Shooting Park: 2022
Available Until: 15 March, 2024

Here are a handful of images that I shoot throughout the season at Heartland.
I know that I didn't catch everyone, but I put on the miles trying - so if you're not pictured, give me a yell and we'll meet up sometime in Ord or Burwell and get some images of you doing your thing.

We'll also be doing a Karp and Krow shoot here soon - working on dates now - so stay tuned.
I'll shoot a team image and a heap of individual images so that you can remember that year when you shot $43,000 worth of ammo.

I'm also going to be shooting some of our final bits of film and I'm going to need some volunteers to shoot at my drone and do some b-roll stuff... so if you're game, yell and scream.  (Text me at 308.379.2718)

Enjoy, download to your heart's content.

That is all... as you were.  :)
K_ILO1002-1 (dragged) copy
Machine_ILO0453 copy
mono_ILO0265-1 (dragged) copy
A_ILO1874 2 copy
Am_ILO0924-1 (dragged)
Da_ILO0279-1 (dragged) 2 copy
D_ILO1804-1 (dragged) copy
_ILO1932-1 (dragged)
_ILO1874 2
_ILO1804-1 (dragged)
_ILO1775-1 (dragged)
_ILO1767-1 (dragged)
_ILO1595-1 (dragged)
_ILO1591-1 (dragged)
_ILO1578-1 (dragged)
_ILO1549-1 (dragged)
_ILO1535-1 (dragged)
_ILO1522-1 (dragged)
_ILO1401-1 (dragged)
_ILO1202-1 (dragged)
_ILO1187-1 (dragged)
_ILO1186-1 (dragged)
_ILO1155-1 (dragged)
_ILO1164-1 (dragged)
_ILO1136-1 (dragged)
_ILO1002-1 (dragged)
_ILO0924-1 (dragged)
_ILO0851-1 (dragged)
_ILO0820-1 (dragged)
_ILO0806-1 (dragged)
_ILO0804-1 (dragged)
_ILO0780-1 (dragged)
_ILO0761-1 (dragged)
_ILO0749-1 (dragged)
_ILO0730-1 (dragged)
_ILO0720-1 (dragged)
_ILO0715-1 (dragged)
_ILO0649-1 (dragged)
_ILO0660-1 (dragged)
_ILO0616-1 (dragged)
_ILO0573-1 (dragged)
_ILO0548-1 (dragged)
_ILO0536-1 (dragged)
_ILO0520-1 (dragged)
_ILO0520-1 (dragged) 2
_ILO0478-1 (dragged)
_ILO0445 2
_ILO0404-1 (dragged)
_ILO0342-1 (dragged)
_ILO0311-1 (dragged)
_ILO0291-1 (dragged)
_ILO0279-1 (dragged)
_ILO0279-1 (dragged) 2
_ILO0272-1 (dragged)
_ILO0265-1 (dragged)
_ILO0252-1 (dragged)
_ILO0225-1 (dragged)
_ILO0221-1 (dragged)
_ILO0215-1 (dragged)
_ILO0185-1 (dragged)
_ILO0163-1 (dragged)
_ILO0146-1 (dragged)
_ILO0131-1 (dragged)
_ILO0104-1 (dragged)
_ILO0098-1 (dragged)
_ILO0058-1 (dragged)
_ILO0050-1 (dragged)
_ILO0034-1 (dragged)
_ILO0015-1 (dragged)
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