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A Whole Heap of Creep: 2021
Available Until: 15 March, 2022
Generally speaking, I don't like to shoot at people who are A. Eating, B. Unaware that I'm creeping on them, and/or C. a combination thereof.  However, you guys asked for it!  :D

I did, out of general decency, cut out any shots of anyone snarfing a Snickers bar or drooling chip crumbs.
Color me a nice guy.

This was great fun - you guys were the awesome and I appreciate being asked to come out.
Great speaker, great break outs, and superior people = Good day at work.

These are all as shot - anything that you want, of course, will be fully remastered for light and clarity so just let me know what you need - the last four numbers of the image - and we'll get them all ready for you.

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