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All Football is Physical, Some Games More Than Others: 2022
Available Until: 15 March, 2024
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As always, these images are made available free of charge - we want parents to be able to sit back and watch the game, in fact, that's how iNk was born.  We shoot so you can watch.  Download these at will and post them anywhere you like.

Occasionally, there are football games that are much more fun to watch through the 600mm lens.  Football is a physical sport to be sure, but when you're able to see what I see, up close and personal - you begin to get a feeling for what the players experience... without all of the skinned elbows, dislocated fingers, and turf in the nose.  This one was fought in the trenches, and while the backs still get a lot of airplay, I really tried to get up close to my brothers on the line this time around.  There were so many amazing individual efforts in this game - I'll look forward to seeing all of these guys and gals in the future.
So, sit back, relax, and enjoy.
And if you have any questions, never hesitate to ask!
_C1X2984-1 (dragged)
_C1X2973-1 (dragged)
_C1X2973-1 (dragged) copy
_C1X2926-1 (dragged)
_C1X2782-1 (dragged)
_C1X2661-1 (dragged)
_C1X2590-1 (dragged)
_C1X2578-1 (dragged)
_C1X2533-1 (dragged)
_C1X2503-1 (dragged)
_C1X2486-1 (dragged)
_C1X2484-1 (dragged)
_C1X2503-1 (dragged) copy
_C1X2469-1 (dragged)
_C1X2469-1 (dragged) copy
_C1X2437-1 (dragged)
_C1X2447-1 (dragged)
_C1X2447-1 (dragged) copy
_C1X2434-1 (dragged)
_C1X2437-1 (dragged) copy
_C1X2417-1 (dragged)
_C1X2408-1 (dragged)
_C1X2382-1 (dragged)
_C1X2381-1 (dragged)
_C1X2382-1 (dragged) 2
_C1X2341-1 (dragged)
_C1X2341-1 (dragged) copy
_C1X2334-1 (dragged)
_C1X2338 2
_C1X2334-1 (dragged) copy
_C1X2316-1 (dragged)
_C1X2316-1 (dragged) copy
_C1X2309-1 (dragged)
_C1X2307-1 (dragged)
_C1X2287-1 (dragged)
_C1X2285 copy
_C1X2183-1 (dragged)
_C1X2164-1 (dragged)
_C1X2164-1 (dragged) 2
_C1X2164-1 (dragged) copy
_C1X2149-1 (dragged)
_C1X2132 copy
_C1X2121 2
_C1X2120 2
_C1X2102-1 (dragged)
_C1X2112 copy
_C1X2102-1 (dragged) copy
_C1X2091 2
_C1X2073-1 (dragged)
_C1X2078-1 (dragged)
_C1X2073-1 (dragged) copy
_C1X2059-1 (dragged)
_C1X2059-1 (dragged) copy
_C1X2055-1 (dragged)
_C1X2055-1 (dragged) copy
_C1X1980-1 (dragged)
_C1X1979-1 (dragged)
_C1X1979-1 (dragged) 2
_C1X1925-1 (dragged)
_C1X1925-1 (dragged) copy
_C1X1891-1 (dragged)
_C1X1813-1 (dragged)
_C1X1813-1 (dragged) copy
_C1X1808-1 (dragged)
_C1X1791-1 (dragged)
_C1X1723-1 (dragged)
_C1X1718-1 (dragged)
_C1X1723-1 (dragged) copy
_C1X1718-1 (dragged) copy
_C1X1694-1 (dragged)
_C1X1690-1 (dragged)
_C1X1694-1 (dragged) copy
_C1X1683-1 (dragged)
_C1X1680-1 (dragged)
_C1X1680-1 (dragged) 2
_C1X1653-1 (dragged)
_C1X1638-1 (dragged)
_C1X1634-1 (dragged)
_C1X1638-1 (dragged) copy
_C1X1591-1 (dragged)
_C1X1561-1 (dragged)
_C1X1515-1 (dragged)
_C1X1515-1 (dragged) 2
_C1X1511-1 (dragged)
_C1X1510-1 (dragged)
_C1X1507-1 (dragged)
_C1X1506-1 (dragged)
_C1X1494-1 (dragged)
_C1X1510-1 (dragged) copy
_C1X1483-1 (dragged)
_C1X1494-1 (dragged) copy
_C1X1483-1 (dragged) 2
_C1X1483-1 (dragged) copy
_C1X1476-1 (dragged)
_C1X1483-1 (dragged) 2 copy
_C1X1453-1 (dragged)
_C1X1441-1 (dragged)
_C1X1434-1 (dragged)
_C1X1402-1 (dragged)
_C1X1424-1 (dragged)
_C1X1402-1 (dragged) copy
_C1X1390-1 (dragged)
_C1X1373-1 (dragged)
_C1X1378-1 (dragged)
_C1X1379-1 (dragged)
_C1X1356-1 (dragged)
_C1X1318-1 (dragged)
_C1X1288-1 (dragged)
_C1X1288-1 (dragged) 2
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