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Greetings from Nebraska! 

We’ll be traveling your way in the coming months in an effort to escape a little of the crazy Nebraska weather - as professional photographers, we love the opportunity to experience new places and people as that's the point of what we do.

Sitting in a sterile studio just isn't our style (nor is it very much fun). 


We’d like to offer our services - two dozen high resolution, professionally edited, commercial images and a gorgeous 3-5 minute commercial cinema ready for publication in both print and on the internet, in exchange for four nights to stay on and enjoy your property.  We’ve done this all over the world and have been universally well-received.   (Below are some of our most recent examples from both the Gulf Coast and a shoot in beautiful Iceland.)

Also, our past clients believe in what we've done for them - so much so that they're willing to be listed as references for our services - we're happy to send their contact information, just ask.

"I had the pleasure of having Troy take photos and video of my rental property so that I could promote my house on my rental sites to folks who are looking for a beach vacation and WOW what a difference high quality photos make!!! Not only does my site look so much more professional, I'm already getting more inquiries and I just uploaded 3 days ago. I'm sure it's because after seeing all these photos and watching the video, prospective renters now have more confidence in booking site unseen. Having worked with Troy I can tell you he is a consummate professional, super nice, and eager to do really great work for you. I highly recommend his services to any rental property owner looking for someone who can capture the essence of what makes their home a perfect place for a vacation.  Troy did a spectacular job capturing the best qualities of my beach home so that I can showcase my home the way it deserved. Not only did he give me the photos requested, he went above and beyond, suggesting other shots that I hadn't thought of but sure did appreciate when I saw them. And I almost cried when I saw the video he created of our home, it was so beautiful, gave me chills. I now understand that investing in high quality photos and video is the single most important piece of marketing for a rental property owner and are an absolute must. Without these, even the most highly promoted listings will go un-noticed by prospective renters which means not only lost revenue but wasted money spent on advertising that doesn't give you a return on your investment. There's a lot of photographers out there and I think Troy is one of the best." 

- Barbara Haney, Owner of the Bluewater Star Beach House in Surfside Beach, Texas


"I thought that our website pictures were just fine.  I was wrong.  Now that I can see the difference,

I'm just amazed at how much better our property looks with professional pictures.  

Troy and Heather are super easy to work with, and most of all, they are very, very good at what they do.  

We couldn't be happier with the results.  Highly recommended!" - G.R. Sorrensen

"There are a lot of rentals on the island and we struggled to book a couple of months of the year especially.  

The kinds of images that Troy made for us took us to a new level and now we really stand out from the crowd.  

They were in and out quickly, and were a pleasure to work with.  

The pictures came in a link, and I had them posted that same day.  Awesome." - Kenneth Marks

"Having a movie of our rental is so unique that people are drawn to us.

 Three of our new clients have mentioned the movie as the turning point.  

They felt like they could experience our house before they reserved it.  

We love the pictures and movie that iNk did, it was well worth it!" - Tom and Mary Bright


Surfside Beach, Texas 2017


You have a very inviting property. We've looked at your listing, and wouldn't offer our services if we:  A. Didn't think it was gorgeous, B. didn't think that we could make it look even better, and C. sincerely wanted to experience it in full.)  


We can enhance your online presence to reveal the beauty that often gets lost in quick snapshot photography, allowing you to both raise your rates and draw in a higher level of client overall.  We will amplify your image - polish it, brighten it, and provide magazine quality imaging with more than two decades of combined experience and all of our creativity - including aerial photography, stand out time-lapse captures, and wide-angle, stabilized imaging to make your property feel as spacious, beautiful, and inviting as it truly is when you first step foot in the door.


I’ll add a few details below, but if you’ve like to see what we do, please feel free to use the links below.



Touch here to explore our website


Touch here to peek at some of our commercial imaging


Touch here to see our aerial capabilities



Here at iNk, we believe that people will be drawn to a property listing that has bright, professional imaging - and with so many listings on the island, your images simply must stand out.  


Of course, if you’d like us to create some images for additional properties, we can take a peek at them as well.  Our rates are very affordable (or we can always do additional nights) and the results will speak for themselves.


In the end, we love to travel with our boy, and this is an excellent way for us to do so.  If you’d be interested in trading off-season lodging for a full commercial shoot, we’d be happy to nail down the details.  (We’ll also be happy to leave a glowing review of the property, and would hope that you’d do the same for us!)



Troy, Heather, and Nick the Catch and Release Kid Fisherman


iNk Photography


cell: 308.379.2718

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