Puppies Everywhere! : 2018
(Fun beyond words!)
Available Until: 15 March, 2019
Here at iNk, we love happy reviews.
We'd be tickled if you'd slide on over to our Facebook page
and jot a happy review about your iNky journey.  And if you'll take time to share one of our images and tag us, we'll make sure to get you the high resolution version of your puppster in action.  (Or inaction... depending on your dog.)  
So... this took awhile.  Holy cats.
When I put out my ad for critters, I had no idea that all of you would be so crazy for your pups.
Clearly, you guys have some dog issues... so do I.  
I've included all manner of images in the gallery because I found that it was really, really hard to sort through this kind of über cuteness.  I even asked my kid to help and he said, "Dude, you're on your own."  Ack!  The feels!
You'll notice that there are two types of prints here - those which are watermarked, and those which are without.
The non-marked images are those that we're going to use in our world-wide ads and they're yours for the taking as a way of saying thanks for bringing your pupsters out for a session.  (Check back, because we may use more.)
And, because the cute factor was pushing ten and a half, I thought that some of you might like the option of purchasing some of our canvas collections - so I've included examples in the gallery.  They're custom built - you choose the type of collection and the images that you'd like included and presto, I'll finish the images and get them shipped to your door.  (Likewise, we can create prints, metals, and even digital images if you're interested in anything further.)
If you'd like to place an order:
There are two ways to create your order for pupster pictures.
We'll come right to you, sit down with our laptop computers, and create a custom
order for you.  iNk carries the latest and most innovative of products, as well as the classics.
(As always, there is no minimum order attached - we sincerely want you to get just what you want.)
Or, if you have a good idea of what you would like (or you're just too far away to set up a face to face meeting), you can always feel free to simply jot the identification numbers from the images that you love into an email, and send it our way.  
So, sit back, relax, and enjoy.
And if you have any questions, never hesitate to ask!