SBemu 2020 Mac Work Around

Hokay… for you Mac folks out there, SBemu does indeed work with this new 2020 version so do not despair.  Yet.


Disclaimer:  This process worked for me.  If it doesn’t work for you, feel free to hate me for being able to play to crush whilst you return to WoW and wish you weren’t in another raid to get more gear so that you can raid faster next time.


You have two options:  1.  Buy a PC - they come in cereal boxes any more - and then play Shadowbane like a quasi-normal hooman.  2.  Do a little techno-babble here on your Mac and play an emulator through an emulator.  That’s not as bad as it sounds.  


We’ll take a look at the second option now in 394 super easy steps that definitely won’t make you cry.




You’ll need to get the trial version of CrossOver.  I did not need to purchase the full version if memory serves - once you have your system set up, it will allow you access repeatedly.  The installation of CrossOver is covered on their page and is straight forward.


Go over to:  While this page is technically out of date, the MAC Download section is useful and the links will come in handy.  Bring this up in your browser and leave it open, you’ll refer back a lot.


Download the Shadowbane client and launcher bundle from the page above.  It’ll appear in your downloads folder as a .zip.  Drag it over to your desktop and unzip the sucker.  


There is also an update for the 2020 season, and you’ll have to include that or the launcher simply won’t work.  The 2020 launcher can currently be found here:  Download that one and, likewise, drag it to your desktop and unzip it.  Now you’ll have two folders:  Shadowbane - Throne of Oblivion SBEmu 2.1 and Launchers.  Open the Launchers folder, select everything (four items) and drag these into the Shadowbane - Throne of Oblivion SBEmu 2.1 folder.  One item will ask if it needs to be replaced… yes it does.


You’ll notice that the next step on the Mac Download page is to download an app called Wineskin Winery.  There’s a link, and you should do that.  Installation is easy peasy.  


From here, follow steps 3 through 8 on the Mac Download page that you’ve been reading.  Just so you don’t go insane looking back, I’ll post them below:



MAC Download

  1. Run Wineskin Winery and click the "Update" button.

  2. Click the "+" button and then click the explore button to select a new engine. It is confirmed to work on WS9Wine2.16 engine or higher. Click "Download and Install".

  3. Once you have an engine and a wrapper, select the engine you want and hit the "Create Blank Wrapper" button. Name this wrapper whatever you want. It will create and place the wrapper under the Users/User_Name/Applications/Wineskin filepath. Winery will go through some updates and prompt you to install Mono and Gecko, if they have not been installed already. Install both!

  4. Once the wrapper is created, double click it to launch it and click "Install Software".

  5. Click "Move A Folder Inside", select your main Shadowbane folder (commonly named "Shadowbane - Throne of Oblivion"), and click "Choose".

  6. A menu will pop up asking you to choose an executable file to run when you open the wrapper. Click the explore button and find the file "SBE_Launcher_32bit.exe", select it, and hit "Ok". 


You’re getting close.  There are some minor updates that KRATT has somehow managed to gleam from the cube.  These are listed here and they may as well be voodoo, so don’t ask me why they help but they certainly do:


A.  Open the Wineskin Advanced menu and find Winetricks.

B.  Install vcrun2008, vcrun2010, dotnet40, and dotnet46.  Note:  Don’t install them all at once.  Do each individually.  You may need to download additional packages and put them in required locations - for example, gacuvtil-net40.tar.bz2, msxml3.msi… etc.  (Personally, I did not have to download anything more than the original vcrun and dotnet extras.  Installation took me about seven minutes.)


At this point, you’re officially finished.  If you run your new wineskin for Shadowbane, it should take you right to the new launcher which searches through files for a few moments, and then invites you to play.  


If it doesn’t:  Don’t cry hard, not yet.  There will be time later.  Go back through and check your work - it goes way faster the second time.  If you get totally stuck, hit me up on Discord and I’ll try to walk you through it as best as I can - every machine is a little different, but mine is super sketchy and I did finally get it all to work.  Play to Crush!



(If it worked, rejoice and feel free to stop by the runegate guide in the mean time.

Don't get lost after all that you've been through.)