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Nebraska Shooting Sports: 2022
Available Until: 15 March, 2024
Greetings everyone!

We all survived the wind and dust, so there's that... and despite it all, there was some amazing shooting.

So my first disclaimer:  I really tried to get everyone in my sights, but I'm sure that I've missed some of you.  That being said, I'll be at the Doniphan war zone on Thursday and Friday, so if you see me, yell and I'll come over and get some images of you and your team if possible.

Feel free to download these to your heart's content - they're all free to you, your team, and your crazy parental units.  Also, we'd love it if you'd let everyone know so that they can come and look at the gallery as well.
(The link to our page is, you guessed it, - so you can just copy and paste it!)
And lastly, if you'd like any team photos for yearbooks or banners or posters - I will 100% shoot those for your team for zero dollars.  iNk has supported Nebraska schools in this way for fifteen years and we want your team image to be one that you want to keep on the wall for many, many years.  If you have even the slightest inkling that you might want to shoot a team image, get a hold of me soon... things get mighty busy in May.)

Thanks for letting me shoot at you all.  ;)

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy.
And if you have any questions, never hesitate to ask!
_ILO0255-1 (dragged)
_ILO0277-1 (dragged)
_ILO0313-1 (dragged)
_ILO0503-1 (dragged)
_ILO0526-1 (dragged)
_ILO0732-1 (dragged)
_ILO0736-1 (dragged)
_ILO0843-1 (dragged)
_ILO0876-1 (dragged)
_ILO0911-1 (dragged)
_ILO0962-1 (dragged)
_ILO0977-1 (dragged)
_ILO0998-1 (dragged)
_ILO1023-1 (dragged)
_ILO1026-1 (dragged)
_ILO1063-1 (dragged)
_ILO1073-1 (dragged)
_ILO1115-1 (dragged)
_ILO1277-1 (dragged)
_ILO1401-1 (dragged)
_ILO1455-1 (dragged)
_ILO2158-1 (dragged)
_ILO2190-1 (dragged)
_ILO2204-1 (dragged)
_ILO2292-1 (dragged)
_ILO2293-1 (dragged)
_ILO2370-1 (dragged)
_ILO2639-1 (dragged)
_ILO2742-1 (dragged)
_ILO0007-1 (dragged)
_ILO0016-1 (dragged)
_ILO0016 copy
_ILO0041-1 (dragged)
_ILO0074-1 (dragged)
_ILO0092-1 (dragged)
_ILO0131-1 (dragged)
_ILO0232-1 (dragged)
_ILO0255-1 (dragged)
_ILO0277-1 (dragged)
_ILO0313-1 (dragged)
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