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Storm Softball: 2022
Available Until: 15 March, 2024
It was hot, it was dusty, and it was fun... softball!

Great fun shooting at you, girls! 
Thanks for letting me come out and occupy the outfield with you for an afternoon.  These are all for you - download at will, and if you don't want the watermark, shoot me a message with the image number and I'll zip the full resolution version over asap.

Yell and scream if you have other events coming up that need to be put on film - I love coming out to see what craziness I can capture next.
So, sit back, relax, and enjoy.
And if you have any questions, never hesitate to ask!
_C1X7175 2
_C1X7176 2
_C1X7177 2
_C1X7242-1 (dragged)
_C1X7286-1 (dragged)
_C1X7309 2
_C1X7337-1 (dragged)
_C1X7352-1 (dragged) 2
_C1X7352-1 (dragged)
_C1X7372-1 (dragged)
_C1X7374-1 (dragged)
_C1X7396-1 (dragged)
_C1X7418-1 (dragged) 2
_C1X7412-1 (dragged)
_C1X7418-1 (dragged)
_C1X7435-1 (dragged)
_C1X7495-1 (dragged)
_C1X7501-1 (dragged)
_C1X7511-1 (dragged)
_C1X7542-1 (dragged)
_C1X7520-1 (dragged)
_C1X7517-1 (dragged)
_C1X7562-1 (dragged)
_C1X7563-1 (dragged)
_C1X7671-1 (dragged)
_C1X7695-1 (dragged)
_C1X7768-1 (dragged)
_C1X7816-1 (dragged)
_C1X7817-1 (dragged)
_C1X7818-1 (dragged)
_C1X7840 2
_C1X7842 2
_C1X7869-1 (dragged) 2
_C1X7869-1 (dragged)
_C1X7917 2
_C1X7940-1 (dragged)
_C1X7943-1 (dragged)
_C1X8010-1 (dragged)
_C1X8047-1 (dragged)
_C1X8081-1 (dragged)
_C1X8107-1 (dragged)
_C1X8123-1 (dragged)
_C1X8141-1 (dragged)
_C1X8163-1 (dragged)
_C1X8165-1 (dragged)
_C1X8174-1 (dragged)
_C1X8203-1 (dragged)
_C1X8221-1 (dragged)
_C1X8250-1 (dragged)
_C1X8261-1 (dragged)
_C1X8275-1 (dragged)
_C1X8317-1 (dragged) 2
_C1X8317-1 (dragged)
_C1X8323-1 (dragged)
_C1X8324-1 (dragged)
_C1X8361-1 (dragged)
_C1X8380-1 (dragged)
_C1X8389-1 (dragged)
_C1X8391-1 (dragged)
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