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Welcome to all of you at Dane Creek Golf Club (at Ord, yeah... we know you.) :)

Greetings from iNk.

Thanks for coming to check things out. 

I've put together just a handful of examples that represent what we can do, and what we think might overlap  nicely for you as well.

I could see sweeping drone images to show off the course really being a cool addition, to simple things like updated aerial and interior imaging of your buildings and equipment, rentals and merch, even new headshots of everyone.  Staff interviews could also be very cool in highlighting how friendly the club is every dang day that you're open.  High quality, commercial 4K images and film can be used for any sort of advertising.  You guys have a lot of irons in the fire -

and it's always good for even more people to know.

So, feel free to take a look - and like I mentioned in my letter, don't ever hesitate to give me a yell.

I'm a Nebraska guy, so I'm a phone call and a drive in my truck away - I love talking over projects. 



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