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We do our senior sessions a bit differently.

Take a peek... all of the details are below. 


We like to offer our clients a choice when it comes to investing in their portraits.

So... here's the quick and easy when it comes getting some iNk.
(If there's anything that we've learned in more than two decades of doing this, it's to make it simple!)


A la Carte:

You can absolutely chose exactly what you want with our a la carte option.

In this way, you can pay your session fee by the hour - choose your session time, the images that you want, everything... it's a fully customized experience that many of our clients love.



We've recently added four iNk collections which allow you to both save money, and get the most out of your senior portraits experience - we've built them with our vendors to include more, and cost less than simple a la carte pricing.  In the end, some clients love building their own collection, some love the savings and variety of collections... take a peek!

iNk Mini.jpg

This quick session includes a half-hour shoot at a location of your choosing, an online gallery of your images to share with friends and family, as well as two 5x7, and one 8x10 prints... and social a media image to pop into your feed. 


Your session fee is included,

and you automatically receive 10% off of additional purchases.

This little session will get you through the basics

and still leaves room to tack on the extra goodies

that you might need.

A $600 value for $450.

With an hour of shooting time, unlimited clothing changes, and an online gallery - the Classic also includes your session fee, offers three social media images, and comes with a free yearbook digital of your choice sent right to the school.  Four 4x6, three 5x7, three 8x10, and a beautiful 11x14 are included with the Classic.


You'll also receive a full 15% off of any additional products that you'd like to purchase for your session.

The Classic has been an iNky mainstay for more than

two decades now... what a trooper.





iNk_Classic ccopy.jpg
A $1600 value for $950.
A $2600 value for $1800.

The Signature differs from our first two offerings in that it offers two full hours of shooting time which can be divided into separate sessions. (This is a client favorite as it allows us to shoot multiple locations over multiple seasons.)  You'll have unlimited clothing changes and an online gallery of course… and we’re just getting started.  We’ll also include a senior slide show of your purchased images, perfect for your phone and social media, and 25 custom invitations.  We’ll send your favorite yearbook image to the school on the house and then include a free family session - use it when you want it.  

Four 4x6, four 5x7, four 8x10, an 11x14, and a beautiful 16x24 canvas gallery wrap - and those slick custom invitations - all included with the Signature Collection.

And, with 20% off of any additional items that you want to fill out your collection with, you'll be all set.


This collection has born the Signature name for a long while now and it has been by far the most popular of all of our collections over the years.  We talk it up, but we don't want it to get too big of an ego.
iNk_Platinum aa.jpg

And finally, the ultimate iNk Collection for those who don’t want to miss a single detail in their senior portraits experience -

the iNk Platinum. 

With a full four hours (each of which can be divided into a separate session - your friends are, as always, invited to come have fun), unlimited clothing, and an online gallery, our Platinum session has it all.

Twenty two assorted prints, from 4x6 to 11x14, four sets of wallet sized images, a custom digital slideshow... you bet.


Also, a free family session so you can finally get everyone together for some beautiful images, included!  A free athletics/hobby session to capture you on the field or doing what you love on the field, court, or out in the wilds... included.


We'll also include a free prom session where you and your friends can get dressed up and shoot some incredible images out in the country or on the streets before or after the big night.  (You'll also gain entry into one of our iNk destination modeling trips where you can add stunning images of you on location to your collection.)

Fifty custom graduation invites, made specifically for you, and then one of our gorgeous iNk canvas collections helps to round out the Platinum Collection in a beautiful way.  


A $7800 value for $3200.
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