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Welcome to all of you in the Trotter Universe!

Greetings from iNk.

Thanks for coming to check things out. 

I've put together just a handful of examples that represent what we can do, and that overlap nicely with showcasing the sorts of things that you have created since 1962. 

I could see everything from a documentary style "History of Trotter" film, to simple things like updated aerial and interior imaging of your properties - high quality, commercial 4K images and film can be used for any sort of advertising.  You guys have a lot of irons in the fire -

and it's always good for even more people to know.

So, feel free to take a look - and like I mentioned in my letter, don't ever hesitate to give me a yell.

I'm a Nebraska guy, so I'm a phone call and a drive in my truck away - I love talking over projects. 



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